is the official website of Sydney based Australian singer/songwriter, guitarist and Artist, David Emanuel.

In 2011, David took home a Screen Australia award for a short film he directed on rocks. The video clearly portrays his humour, intellect, and love for all.

His first musical release, ‘Perfect Time’, with its mellow rock chords and laid back vocals, is perfect for a post surf chill-out or a lazy afternoon drive. The well written lyrics really find a place in your heart.

second single “Happy Neighbour Song” explores a faster tempo and energetic feel. The song begins with head-nodding percussion that breaks into rhythmic, soft-rock inspired psychedelic electric guitar riffs. As the complex chord layers come together tension really builds to an emotional climax of David’s innovative guitar style.

David is also a talented artist creating unique Japanese inspired paintings that adorn his CD covers. The “Perfect Time” music video, also filmed and directed by David, fits in perfectly with the mood of the song showing beautiful beaches and the surrounding nature of an afternoon drive.

The single, with its original cover artwork and stylistic psychedelic video, is another great showcase for the Australian talent.

David clearly has a strong talent for creating in all the arts from music, to the canvas, and film. He is clearly a name to keep a look out for in the future.